Tate authors enjoys tête-à-tête in Bestseller’s Secret Conference

Tate Publishing authors were recently treated with a Q&A session with Tate founders Dr. Richard and Rita Tate, Vice President and Director of Sales Mark Mingle, and film director Darrel Campbell. The event was held in Oklahoma City where the authors were able to explore the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum and enjoyed a delectable dinner at the prestigious Vast-Devon Tower Restaurant.

Attending authors were ecstatic about the event and the tête-à-tête with some of the company’s influential personalities. David Calvin, author of “Mars Starwalker,” “The River of Lost Souls” and “Killing for Love” particularly enjoyed his conversation with Dr. Tate, “He added a dimension to the meeting when he talked about passion, aggression, and perseverance. He drove home the point that what we were yesterday is not what we are today!”

“It was such an encouraging and informative event. I am so glad I went! Thank you, Tate Publishing for putting together such a terrific weekend to meet other offers and learn more about what it takes to be a best-selling author,” shares Sara Dyer, author of “The Battle for Eve.”

Richard Draughon, who penned the gripping novel, “Draconis: The Fallen Kingdom” echoed Dyer’s enthusiasm, sharing that, “It was wonderful, delightful and very informative – very fun with a lot of great people.”

“”It was a lot of learning, fun and building relationships. I especially liked getting to know Richard and Rita Tate and the rest of the staff. What a joy and encouragement,” shares Kitty Trock author of “Weeding the Garden,” “A Ladybug Story,” “A Cricket Story,” and “A Spider Story.”

The conference was held last July 29th and 30th where the attending authors included, Eunice Drake, Russell Burry, Kitty Trock, Libby Bentson, Leann Deller, David Calvin, David Bissonette, Richard Draughon, Sara Dyer, and Tenneh Momolu.

“I found the meetings informative and enjoyable. I thought Mark and Rita were astounding and enjoyed Darrel… as he conveyed the power of the written word and transferred those words into meaningful action,” Calvin adds.

Authors & Tate Founders @ Vast Restaurant OKC

Authors & Tate Founders @ Vast Restaurant OKC

Lincoln Times-News features Tate author’s first ever published novel

Tate author Lisa Wright was delighted to share with Lincoln Times-News her hopes and aspirations for her first-ever published book, Past Secrets.

“I actually didn’t believe it when they told me they wanted to publish my story. Something that came from my imagination, that I put on paper thinking no one else was going to read it, and now it’s available nationwide. People are actually reading it. The thought of somebody reading my imagination is amazing. I’m really excited about it and I still can’t believe it.”

Wright’s book, “Past Secrets,” shares the story of Helen who had the American dream in a small coastal resort town, with its majestic historical houses amid the quaint antique shops and restaurants along its beautiful shore. She had everything. However, her world quickly unravels after the death of her husband and realizes her perfect life is intertwined in a murderous past.


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SC Now tells ingenious story of how a niece-aunt team-up transpired into a charming book for children

Tate author Abigail Graham collaborates with her aunt in publishing her first children’s book, “Baboon and Bad Revenge,” in an article featured in SC Now Morning News.

Graham’s great-aunt, Locklair who’s a fine artist and has been painting for over 40 years, was amazed to read her project with an A score and decided to illustrate her children’s book for her.

“I’ve never imagined writing a book. Everyone that’s read it seems to like it,” Graham shared. “But, I’ve never imagined this happening.”

“Baboon and Bad Revenge” tells a story of a mischievous young baboon that has a history of being bullied by his classmate. He goes against his best friend’s advice and seeks revenge against a feline with plenty of attitude. Then, the baboon learns a hard lesson when revenge bites in the behind, literally.

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The Kearney Hub ft. author’s hope at a new beginning in debut novel

Tate author Dy Noel views her debut novel as an attempt at a fresh start as she embraces The Virgin Mother with arms wide open.

“Writing is therapeutic,” Noel explained. “When I was too weak to do anything else, I could write. It gave me something to occupy my mind when I was going through treatment.”

“The Virgin Mother” unveils the life of two Gulf War vets and pastor’s child who are far from ordinary and struggle to keep trouble magnet from an unthinkable end.

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Writer Johnny Odom talks of inspiration behind 116-page spine-chilling horror tales with Andalusia Star

Tate author Johny Odom reveals with Andalusia Star the inspiration behind his gripping horror book, Chilling Tales: Beneath the Chinaberry Tree.

The 116-page book which was recently published by Tate last Tuesday is a compilation of scary stories taken from his grandmother’s set of folklore and mysterious tales which the author’s grandmother would tell him and his cousins during their many summer days together.

“I had the neatest old grandmother in the world,” Odom shared. “When we would go spend the weekend, Granny would sit around and tell us all sorts of folklore and mysterious tales.”

The stories she told may not be entirely true, but she enjoyed telling them as much as he enjoyed hearing them. Part of growing up includes many innocent moments when one’s mind can be drawn to another place and time where the supernatural is real.

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Ballina author inspires purpose-driven life, hope in new Christian book

BALLINA, Australia — This week marks the nationwide release of “Dunes,” a motivating, hope-filled new book by author Deborah Ballard.

In “Dunes,” Ballard makes her readers realize that to fulfill life’s purposes and dreams, they need the input of others who come alongside them and join with the same vision for those purposes and dreams to be realized. Some may come and some may go, but believers need to stay encouraged that the very right people at the very right time will be sent to join them. With God and his purposes for his creation, believers can go on to succeed in perhaps even greater ways than they could ever imagine.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore, or by visiting barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com.

Ballard is a mother, writer and former welfare worker, who currently participates in the community life of both her local church and local community where she lives. Through her writings, she hopes to inspire young adults to consider their choices carefully by resisting temptation and navigating around obstacles and distractions in life so that their life’s dreams are fulfilled, and that they thrive with longevity and their gift of life is well lived.

Parker author unmasks destructive interpretation of the Bible, reveals truth in new book

PARKER, Colo. — Author Tom Joseph announces the nationwide release of his new book, “Holy Crap: How Religious Church Doctrine High-Jacked the Bible.”

As a man of God and as a man of conviction and truth, Joseph had to study the Bible from its original context to help people become righteous, healthy, whole and secure. As he became more and more a Bible scholar, he became less and less of a religious person who finally saw that the Bible does not teach anything that leads to unhealthy, unrealistic and destructive behavior against innocent life or common sense. He also realized that the Bible is never wrong in its proper context and interpretation. But he did discover that the Holy Bible is completely contradictory, unrealistic and abusive if taught from the traditional, misguided, religious and legalistic doctrinal point of view. Readers will discover more of this eye-opening concept in Joseph’s latest read, “Holy Crap.”

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore, or by visiting barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com.

Joseph, who gained a doctorate in biblical behavior studies pertaining to ministry and a master’s degree in clinical Christian counseling, is a member of the National Christian Counselors Association. His undergrad work has been in health science. He also has countless hours in family and marriage counseling and has been a radio talk show host for seven years in Denver, Colorado. Joseph was a senior pastor for five years of a new church plant he pioneered in Colorado Springs in 1987, and currently pastors a small group church while fulfilling his full-time counseling practice.

After finishing most of his undergraduate work, he went on to coach wresting to all ages as a community contribution and now referees to all ages in the sport of wresting as a member of the Colorado High School Athletic Association. Joseph is now based in Parker, Colorado.

Hartford author spins romance, deceit in absorbing new novel

HARTFORD, Wis. — Author Sherry Rummler thrills her readers in the nationwide release of her new novel, “Burning Suspicion.”

In “Burning Suspicion,” a fatal fire leaves a question burning in the mind of Meredith Walsh: Did Ian Johnston murder his parents? When Walsh confronts her fiancé, Johnston, about his parents’ death, he challenges Walsh’s accusations and claims to authorities that she is mentally unstable. Johnston’s words and actions continue to wreak havoc on Walsh’s mind after he skips town, leaving her to question her sanity and fear for her life.

Andy Hall, a rookie detective at NYPD, is ready and eager to take the case. Convinced the fire is a homicide, Hall wonders why his boss is so willing to push the case to the back burner. As each detail of truth surfaces from the ashes, he soon realizes the situation is far more sinister than originally thought. Will Hall and Walsh warn the latest victim, Eva Garrett, in time? Or will Garrett fall prey to Johnston’s cunning spirit — and become his latest casualty?

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore, or by visiting barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com.

Rummler is the internationally acclaimed author of “Entrusted.” The author, who is a business graduate from Carroll University, resides in Hartford, Wisconsin, with her husband and number one supporter, Mark.

Circus toys perform last act in Vancouver author’s new kids’ storybook

VANCOUVER, Wash. — Author Joan Ganey brings toys to life in her enchanting new children’s book, “The Toy Circus.” This endearing tale, which is illustrated by Lindsay Demonch, will be up for grabs nationwide this week.

In “The Toy Circus,” take a ringside seat when The Circus ringmaster, animals, clowns and others escape from their box in the corner of the room to give one last performance! Will the moon be the only one who sees it? Young children will love this heartwarming tale of determination and the power of love.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore, or by visiting barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com.

Ganey is a retired counselor and educator, having worked extensively with young children using toys and play figures to capture their imaginations and to color their dreams. Her best loved childhood toy was a collection of circus animals. Ganey is currently based in Vancouver, Washington.

Demonch lives in New Bern, North Carolina. She earned an illustration degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She spends her time teaching budding young artists. Her whimsical art makes people smile.

Edgar Springs author’s new book brings strength, courage to hurting women

EDGAR SPRINGS, Mo. — This week marks the nationwide release of author Jamie Cantrell’s new self-help book, “Stolen Halos: Help for Hurting Women.”

“Stolen Halos” are for the broken rangers, injured princesses and angels whose halos have been missing. Many women find themselves to be victims as a result of a careless man. Most women don’t realize that their halos are stolen. That perfect woman of grace, dignity, strength and courage is missing. The woman God created from birth is lost.

Unfortunately, women are usually the targets and victims of men. Whether it is abuse, abandonment, neglect, selfishness or adultery, women take the hardest hits yet are still called upon to be the tower of strength. In “Stolen Halos,” readers will learn how to overcome their situation and their past, straight from a woman who has been there. Readers will find renewed strength, grace and joy in this enlightening book — just for women.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore, or by visiting barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com.

Cantrell, who is an author, speaker, teacher and professor, spent a lifetime gaining wisdom and life experiences in the fields of education, business and faith. Her unique experiences and insight bring authenticity to her inspiring messages. She has a passionate heart for helping others. Cantrell has over 17 years of teaching leadership and child and family development in the high school and college level. She has also climbed the corporate ladder in the field of management and has unique insight on leading others in a professional yet caring manner.

For over 20 years, Cantrell has been involved in church leadership, including being a licensed minister, youth pastor, evangelist and author. She has brought her message of faith and hope to many people. She and her husband, Tim, and their family, live in Edgar Springs, Missouri, where they operate several businesses. Cantrell continues to teach and to travel, spreading messages of hope and empowerment.

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