Shoreline author reveals true spirit of Christmas in new Christian novel

SHORELINE, Wash. — Love is in the air during one special season in “Christmas the Stuff of Love,” a heartwarming, new book by author Francesca Ramaglia that will be released nationwide this week.

Ramaglia grew up in the Happy Days era of Seattle, in a much simpler, seemingly less stressful paced time. The story in “Christmas the Stuff of Love” reflects some memorable childhood experiences of Ramaglia’s own Christmas in 1955. There were, and she believes, are still many warm souls out there with love to give and get, just like back then when she felt it everywhere. Everybody smiled easily, and that sparked a peaceful aroma of harmony in the air that was hard to miss.

“Christmas the Stuff of Love” is dedicated to peace, and for each person allowing this passage through the Christmas season to be full of more wonder every year. If one dares to stop talking about attracting or reacting to stress, joy will flow out as it contagiously resides in all who cherish this spirit of love. Ramaglia hopes that all who read this short story will better understand, from a bygone era, the true spirit of peace, and share what they believe — that “Christmas is the stuff of love” rather than “the love of stuff.”

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Ramaglia is a Seattle native, wife and mother of four children, international award winning poet and singer/songwriter. She has not been shy about sharing her lifelong experiences with others through words. Hers has not been an isolated journey: 15 years as a medical professional, 18 years serving the legal community, then developing properties and managing her real estate company. This allowed her a unique saturation of interaction in this pulsating coastal city of a culturally diverse nature. Enthusiasm of God’s astonishing splendor comes alive through every one of her stories, poems and songs. Currently, the author is based in Shoreline, Washington.

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