Tate author Gary Beyer shares message of hope on CW14

Gary Beyer, author of life-changing book, “I Promise I’ll Pay Attention,” recently graced the CW14 Focus show with Robert Hornacek to discuss the inspiring journey that led to the publication of his second book.

Beyer, together with his wife and caregiver, Julie, shares on the show the struggles and challenges behind his progressive muscular disease that he battled with in January of 2008.

“People are dealing with difficult things, it doesn’t have to be IBM… This particular muscle disease, but, they don’t know where to turn sometimes…I feel very strongly…to get out to other people, reach out to other people, give them positive message, and this book, is an issues-based book, I felt it was something that was really going to get it some key things of how I’ve learned, to what we’ve learned…”


Watch the full interview here.

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