Sequel to ‘Daddy Has a New Home, Not a New Heart’ seeks to promote dialogue for children of incarcerated parents

KENT, Wash. — Author Mari Borrero announces the nationwide release of her new book, “Our First Visit,” where she shares a heartwarming read about family and forgiveness.

“Our First Visit” is a sequel to “Daddy has a New Home, Not a New Heart,” where Grandma is the anchor in helping develop and nurture the parent-child relationship behind bars. Although it’s difficult, Alex learns a lesson about forgiveness.

“Our First Visit” illustrates the importance of a grandparent’s role in instilling family values to a child. In this children’s book, Grandma has been the glue that has been keeping the family together. As she prepares Alex for a visit with his dad — beyond the walls — she experiences a moment in time that emulates the beauty of family.

Find out what happens as a family’s difficult journey continues to change who they are and brings them closer to one another and forgiveness in the touching pages of “Our First Visit.”

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Borrero is an award-winning elementary teacher and a veteran of the armed forces, serving both in the Marines and Army. She now serves the community she and her husband, Aaron, reside in.

They continue to collaborate and put their efforts in reaching out to children and teens — particularly, the children left behind by incarceration. It is their combined efforts to educate the public on this topic and raise awareness to the many different needs children of incarcerated parents have.

Aaron and Mari Borrero recently launched  the non-profit AMB Mentoring Minds to help foster a positive change in the way communities view reintegration of the formerly incarcerated through education and support.

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