Life experiences shared by Tate author Deven Donovan on STXF

Tate author Deven Donovan shares life experiences and inspiration behind her poetry, “My Not So Poetic Life” in a featured interview with Joe Flores on STXF.

“I dedicated my book to my son, Tyler, because no matter what, he’s always been my biggest supporter. And, my husband. He’s been my walk through everything. He knows what I’ve gone through and he’s been with me knowing everything about me,” shares Donovan.

“My Not So Poetic Life” turns experiences into beautifully crafted words. Donovan writes about depression, loss of loved ones, first loves, physical and emotional abuse, and the joy she felt when she had her son. Through her latest work, she wants her readers to know that they are not alone in whatever life throws at them.

“I wrote this because it was really therapeutic to me to put my feelings down.”

Donovan has about 45-50 poems and she even enclosed pictures of her family and grandparents in the book.

“Just follow your dreams. You have to do what’s gonna make you happy whether it’s in writing or acting,” Donovan’s encouraging words when asked by Joe Flores of the things she’d like to say to her readers.

To watch the full video, view here.

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