Action, adventure fills Pickens author’s new Christian novel

PICKENS, S.C. — Author C.J.R. Watkins captivates his young adult audience in the nationwide release of his new Christian novel, “Rogue’s Arena.”

Evil enslaves with oppressive driving pressure and seduces with fascinating pleasures to alter the very existence of life on Earth.  But in “Rogue’s Arena,” a no-holds barred action thriller, the second of a series combining adventure with mystique, Shechem founded the enclave — raising youth by practicing the ancient writings and developing in them the pathways to resist the wicked.  He never imagined that 2,800 years later, his inspiration would culminate in Jesse, who, not by choice, now stood on the brink of survival as his mother and sisters stared in anguish, striving to conceive how their champion could possibly wrest victory while entangled in the underbelly of corruption. Now enmity against the Rogue brought a forceful intrusion from Black Pearl, whose intent was to uphold the victor, inciting the darkest evil to exterminate them all.  Surely breath is drawn for a time — and a time to come.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

As an artist and biblical researcher, Watkins writes seamlessly weaving Scriptural precepts far beyond his theology degree, remaining confident that the source of his inspired works will continue to completion until the end of days. In his stories, he incorporates his travel experiences from halfway around the globe with a tireless imagination for embodying characters of dauntless courage, effectively using their time, ever learning to walk circumspectly because the days are evil. Within his extraordinary settings, the cast of characters demonstrate indomitable strength overcoming error with humility and intrepidness. Watkins is currently based in Pickens, South Carolina.

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