Brazoria author weaves gripping, epic battle of good against evil in riveting new dark fantasy

BRAZORIA, Texas — Author Kimberly Connor announces the nationwide release of her suspenseful new novel, “The Undead Key: Blood Moon.”

In “The Undead Key: Blood Moon,” Drake has risen; and he is raining hell on earth. Human existence as we know it may be on the break of extinction as demonic creatures from the depths of hell walk the earth. Alex’s newfound powers may be their only chance for survival. With her sister taken from her grasp and turned into pure evil, Alex struggles with the thought that her sister might have to die in order for the world to survive.

The battle between good and evil draws near — a battle Alex is not sure they will win. While the link between sisters grows stronger by the hour, Alex struggles to find a way to break the hold Jasmine has on her. Good may not prevail.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Connor grew up and is currently living in a small town in Texas. She has three beautiful and wonderful children who have been her inspiration on becoming an author. With her first novel, “Blood Moon,” on the brink of success and on its way to becoming a best-selling novel, she has plans to write a series of “The Undead Key.” With the love and support from her family and friends, she will have much more to come.

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