Vale author weaves heart-racing tale in gripping, new murder-mystery novel

VALE, N.C. — Author Lisa G. Wright announces the nationwide release of her riveting, new novel, “Past Secrets,” where she shares the story of a woman facing the consequences of murder and the crumbling of a seemingly perfect life she thought she had.

In “Past Secrets,” Helen had the America dream in a small coastal resort town, with its majestic historical houses amid the quaint antique shops and restaurants along its beautiful shore. She had the perfect home, perfect children and a loving, successful husband who adored her. However, Helen’s world quickly unravels after the death of her husband, David. She gets caught up in a murder that opens a Pandora’s box of family secrets. She soon realizes her perfect life wasn’t so perfect after all. Her beautiful hometown is intertwined in a murderous past.

To unlock its secrets, she must first face her own demons and overcome horrible childhood memories that could be the key to her salvation and also expose a psychopathic killer. Helen is pushed into a world of mental turmoil that will take every ounce of her strength to figure out the good from the evil and survive. All the while, she fights her own battle of depression and despair as she comes to terms with the deaths that plague her and the madness that wants to consume her. Helen’s little family secret cannot be hidden anymore, and the past forces her to realize she cannot go back to the perfect life she once cherished. Helen questions her sanity and ponders the worth of her own life as the past explodes into the present and unleashes a murderer that haunts her very soul.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Wright now resides in Western North Carolina on a 55-acre farm in Vale. She has always loved reading and figuring out mysteries. She writes in her spare time and travels to get inspired for her next book.

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