Artist shares journey through unique tracks in his latest collection

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – This week, independent record label Tate Music Group is excited to announce the official release of Will Amaze’s new album titled “In Between It All.”

Released by Tate Music Group, the album contains 4 tracks and is readily available for purchase nationwide at the iTunes Store,, or directly from

Kingdom artist John Harrison shares his excellent musical talent in singing, songwriting and producing as Will Amaze. He first released an album titled “Storyteller,” “The First Chapter” and along with his other singles, his music is a landmark in the genre. His songs bring a new sound to the world which proves that Will Amaze is definitely out to amaze the audience.

“In Between It All” is a collection that shares the trials, thoughts and feelings of Will Amaze’s journey as a Christian in the modern world. Prepare to be enthralled with this 4-track EP that is sure to inspire and captivate listeners of all ages. With tracks like “Reasons”, “Take Me Away” and more, everyone will get to get a feel of Will Amaze’s unique sound and style.

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