Greenville author releases gripping new Christian novel about real life issues

GREENVILLE, Ill. — Author Jacob E. Sanderson announces the nationwide release of his new novel, “Formed: Mangled,” where he shares part one of the captivating “Formed” saga.

Formed” is about the disturbed childhood of a near-illiterate, inner-city white boy in a predominantly black community. As if growing up with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and having a parent, who fought in World War II, suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder wasn’t bad enough, he was also subjected to an intense religious conflict. His childhood was so dysfunctional that by adulthood, he was maimed by his past.

This three-part story is powerfully compelling. It will challenge the readers’ religious thoughts on lifestyle, parenting and patriotism by focusing on causes and preventions toward the issues within. The author warns his readers that this book has content that exposes the nature of sin. Its topics periodically include sexual, physical, emotional, drug and alcohol abuse and descriptions of war, street and prison violence that may be too mature or graphic for some readers.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Sanderson is a 56-year student of life, with a bold approach to address topics that are usually only whispered. He is based in Greenville, Illinois.

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