Grove City author delights readers with romance, drama in new novels

GROVE CITY, Ohio — Author Susan Kay Box Brunner announces the nationwide release of her new novels: “Karen’s Secret” and “Who’s Who,” which will be available this week, and “Sara’s Adventures” and “Dare Say,” which will hit the stores on the next two weeks, respectively.

In “Karen’s Secret,” at the age of 10, Karen’s father had sworn her to secrecy about a mystery lying beneath the house. Even her best friend, Sara, whom Karen met in high school, was kept in the dark about Karen’s childhood and about a well-kept secret of the most eligible bachelor in town.

“Who’s Who” begins as Theodor Welch’s smart phone vibrated. He stared at the screen and rubbed his chin, “Who is Tara Scott?” Scott, owner of Scott’s Animal Shelter, hummed through her daily work not realizing her text went to the wrong man. Confirmed bachelor Doug Symith’s weakness was seeing a woman cry, and when Miss Jill Price looked down on old Butch, her dog, with tears rolling down her cheek, he shook his head and thought, “What am I getting myself into?”

In “Sara’s Adventures,” Sara is married to a great man named Ken, a farmer and a prominent CEO of a bank in Mississippi. She is also the mother of two boys. Life was good and blissful, but Sara felt incomplete and was driven to pursue her own business. Sara was quarantined with the flu when she received a tragic call and letter from her mother, Louise, about her father Paul’s death; later, amnesia happened. Would she ever get well? Would her grief have closure? And would Jud Day’s bank grant Sara a business loan?

In “Dare Say,” God-fearing Rhoda Lea, who is married and has seven children, is well regarded in her community.  She dreams of being a writer, but her life seized a different path. Rhoda Lea faces the death of her husband and watches their grown children leave home one by one. Her daily life becomes humdrum until Rhoda Lea decides on a cruise, buys a new red Audi automobile and makes arrangements to move into an upscale one-bedroom flat. When she finds herself locking eyes with a well-built man with piercing gray eyes, her life will never be the same again.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the books are available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Brunner is a Christian author of inspirational, romance, mystery and adventure books. She is a motivational speaker and a regular radio personality with host Lisa Stockdale on and is known as one of their sassy seniors. Aside from the “March of Life” trilogy, Brunner has also written the novel, “The Cottage.” She is currently based in Grove City, Ohio.

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