Artist brings tracks inspired from life’s journey in latest album release

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – This week, independent record label Tate Music Group is excited to announce the official release of John D. Green Sr.’s new album titled “Shades of Me.”

Released by Tate Music Group, the album contains 8 tracks and is readily available for purchase nationwide at the iTunes Store,, or directly from

John D. Green Sr. always had a passion for music since he was little. He took inspiration from the moments when his mother and her sisters would play music on the piano while singing. His passion in music stood through the test of time. Along with that are his personal experiences that helped him become the person he is today: full of music and ever growing.

“Shades of Me” draws inspiration from his journey so far. With songs that each have a special place in his heart, listeners will definitely be moved. From the pages of his life, this collection brings life to tracks that tell a story that captivates the audiences’ hearts. With hits like “Eniloj” and much more, this album will surely draw listeners to his one-of-a-kind sound and style.

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