Bible insight leads pharmacist to pen religious write-up ft. in Blue Ridge Now

Harris Allen hopes to make Biblical Scriptures much easier to understand, this goal nudged the retired pharmacist to pen his Christian book, Ready or Not Here He Comes,” a Biblical write-up which was recently featured in the Blue Ridge Now.

“Hopefully, readers will find that studying the bible is not as difficult as many seem to think. If we can ‘iron out’ the difficult parts with better understanding, the remaining text is rather straightforward. Optimistically, when we have a better understanding, it all makes sense,” Allen shares.

Ready or Not Here He Comes points out recent actions among Mideast nations and their allies and enemies often confirming the Holy Bible’s accuracy. The nation was fortunate to thrive on a delayed inheritance from family lines of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; and was blessed as long as faith in God remains. It could win wars even when badly outnumbered and outgunned.

Allen enjoys bible study classes along with his medical studies while in college and at church. When health conditions pushed him to retire from his work in pharmacy.


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