Writer Johnny Odom talks of inspiration behind 116-page spine-chilling horror tales with Andalusia Star

Tate author Johny Odom reveals with Andalusia Star the inspiration behind his gripping horror book, Chilling Tales: Beneath the Chinaberry Tree.

The 116-page book which was recently published by Tate last Tuesday is a compilation of scary stories taken from his grandmother’s set of folklore and mysterious tales which the author’s grandmother would tell him and his cousins during their many summer days together.

“I had the neatest old grandmother in the world,” Odom shared. “When we would go spend the weekend, Granny would sit around and tell us all sorts of folklore and mysterious tales.”

The stories she told may not be entirely true, but she enjoyed telling them as much as he enjoyed hearing them. Part of growing up includes many innocent moments when one’s mind can be drawn to another place and time where the supernatural is real.

Read the full feature here.

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