SC Now tells ingenious story of how a niece-aunt team-up transpired into a charming book for children

Tate author Abigail Graham collaborates with her aunt in publishing her first children’s book, “Baboon and Bad Revenge,” in an article featured in SC Now Morning News.

Graham’s great-aunt, Locklair who’s a fine artist and has been painting for over 40 years, was amazed to read her project with an A score and decided to illustrate her children’s book for her.

“I’ve never imagined writing a book. Everyone that’s read it seems to like it,” Graham shared. “But, I’ve never imagined this happening.”

“Baboon and Bad Revenge” tells a story of a mischievous young baboon that has a history of being bullied by his classmate. He goes against his best friend’s advice and seeks revenge against a feline with plenty of attitude. Then, the baboon learns a hard lesson when revenge bites in the behind, literally.

Read the full feature here.

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