Lyles author shares enlightening, life-changing philosophy in new book

LYLES, Tenn. — Author Luena Darr announces the nationwide release of “Signed Up for Love.”

Signed Up for Love” is the story of Darr’s life and how she met Dr. Mario Rivera-Mendez, the founder of Theotherapy. Theotherapy is a ministry that gives hope to people who feel they can never change, nor expect their lives to be fulfilled due to their past experiences. After one seminar, their perspective can be totally altered. After sitting under his teaching for a week, Darr realized that Theotherapy was something she desperately needed. The change in her life began when she brought Rivera-Mendez to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she lived and had him do many Theotherapy seminars for the next years in many different churches in the USA. Rivera-Mendez trained Darr in all his teachings and counseling.

In 1994, when Rivera-Mendez could no longer travel, he and his board of directors appointed Darr as the director of Theotherapy. Since then, she has been doing Theotherapy seminars and has been training many others in this ministry. Darr reveals how her life totally changed when she began in Theotherapy, and she has seen hundreds of lives transformed because of this ministry. Get inside the pages of this eye-opening book and feel the positive change in the soul and body.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Darr is the director of Theotherapy Seminars, Inc. in the USA. She met Rivera-Mendez, the founder of Theotherapy, from Puerto Rico and began the ministry in the USA by having Rivera-Mendez come up on a regular basis to do seminars. Currently, Darr resides in Lyles, Tennessee.

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