Doctor, author explains reason of mob mentality in Waow News

Psychologist and author, Dr. Sandra Johnston, gives her philosophy of mob mentality on a fatal shooting of an armed man that sparked the violent riots in Milwaukee. Dr. Johnston was seen in an interview with Waow News.

“That kind of mob mentality can be ignited by just one person,” shares Dr. Johnston. “One individual picks up a brick and throws it through a window, and everybody else is set to go.”

Dr. Johnston states that when a person is in a group, things can occur that may lead to a breakdown of civility.

“There’s something called deindividuation theory, which means that when I’m with a group of people, whatever the values and norms happen to be of that particular group in that moment, weakens my personal values,” shares Dr. Johnston.

Dr. Johnston is best known for her self-help, counseling and Christian books, “God’s Spirit Workbook: A Fresh Format for Exercising God’s Holy Spirit to Break Bondage,” “Calach” and “War Declarations.”

Watch the full interview here.

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