Pastor, author defines successful ministry in Boonville Daily

Author and pastor Jeff Brown, shares the inspiration behind his recently published book, “Don’t Quit Your Church: What to Know Before You Leave Your Present Ministry,” in a featured article in Boonville Daily News.

“As I became a professor who trains pastors, I felt like people were not addressing why ministers did not last very long,” shares Brown. “A lot of times, the people I talk about to that left, the church left because it was an emotional decision,” he continued. “I realized they could not tell me if their ministry had been successful or not. I was reading in Acts 20, Paul talks about his ministry with the Ephesian church, and I believe he explains what a successful ministry looks like.”

“Don’t Quit Your Church” is a plea for the struggling minister to move from emotional reaction to thoughtful consideration and from frustration to resolve.

Read the full feature here.

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