West author shares riveting, inspiring story in new book

WEST, Miss. — Author Jeannie Oakes Herod announces the nationwide release of her new book, “The Road to Redemption: Aiden Stewart’s Story.”

“The Road to Redemption” chronicles the story of Aiden Stewart and his journey back to a new beginning. Formerly known as the outlaw “Skip,” his character was introduced in the authors’ first book, “The Hawk and the Dove.”

While serving time in jail for crimes committed against the citizens of Coldwater, Stewart undergoes a genuine transformation and makes the decision to wholeheartedly embrace the opportunities presented to him. Deciding that the only way to truly begin again is through confronting his past and trying to make amends to the people he wronged, he sets out to do just that upon his release. This journey reconnects him in surprising ways with his former victims and also with an enemy hungry for revenge.

Along this road of self-discovery comes the real possibility of redeeming himself, if he can convince the people he really has changed. This will not be an easy task, but if he succeeds, the rewards will be well worth the sacrifices he will make along the way.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore, or by visiting barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com.

Herod was born in 1957 at Greenville Air Force Base in Greenville, Mississippi. With her father serving in the military, the family was stationed in Arizona and Alabama, returning to live in Mississippi when her father retired. Herod’s years at the Air Force instilled a love for travel, adventure and meeting new people while making good friends all along the way. She also developed a love for drawing and painting as a young child and, with the encouragement of her parents, studied art at Holmes Community College. She uses these skills to enhance her God-given talents in designing and illustrating her books. Her character sketches within each book include composites of family and good friends.

For many years, Herod and her husband lived in the country home built by her grandfather. She is mother to four children, who are her greatest achievements. Herod has always loved working at home and caring for her family. Currently, she and her husband embark on new adventures, traveling and exploring America.

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