California author attends Best Seller Conference in NYC

Tate Publishing recently held its Best Seller’s Secret Conference last August 19th and 20th in New York City. Among those who attended was Huasha Liu, author of insightful self-help book, “The Hidden Secrets to Preserving Youth.”



Author Huasha Liu with Rita Tate, Founder of Tate Publishing Ent.

Among the speakers for the conference were Rita Tate, the founder of Tate Publishing; Bryan Norris, the Director of Development and Music Operations; Film Director, Darrel Campbell; Managing Director and Talent Booker of, Molly Polcari; Vice President of Sales, Mark Mingle; and Stu Taylor.

Liu and other Tate authors were able to tour around New York City. One of the landmarks they visited was the famous Empire State Building and the Lady Liberty while they were aboard the Spirit of New York cruise.


Liu delighted with her overall experience during the tour and the conference, stating that, “”It was a good trip, with the opportunity to get to know Tate Publishing, and the other authors! I look forward to getting my book published soon!”


Huasha Liu is from sunny California, her book “The Hidden Secrets to Preserving Youth” is an insightful read that helps readers look younger, be healthier, and feel happier.



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