Musician, author Sarah Isbell shares life’s ups and downs in Mad River Union

Not just a Tate author, but also a musician, hostess, caregiver, DJ, and former attorney, Sarah Isbell shares her day to day activities as a musician, and how she coped with life’s challenges in Mad River Union. This hard working, career woman needs more hours in a day.

“I have a dogged determination to stick with the music thing,” shares Isbell. “That’s why I went to music college. I was getting better but not good enough. I learned a lot about how to perform and music practice.”

Isbell is well-known of her undeniably amazing poems, “The Book of Green Goo,” “The Broken Whale,” “Pieces of Humboldt: A Humboldt Collective Art Project,” and “Psychotic Kittens” that are published by Tate Publishing.

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