Sacramento author releases hardback edition of encouraging Christian self-help book

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — This week marks the nationwide hardback release of author Deborah Hamm’s uplifting Christian book, “An Encourager Is Within You.”

“An Encourager Is Within You” emphasizes that everyone needs encouragement at times, and this book does just that. It also focuses on two important things that individuals must do: to get real and to grow up. Although it is good to receive encouragement from others, people may receive too much encouragement, and it may not necessarily be given by the right person or in the right way.

In “An Encourager Is Within You,” Hamm states that the Bible promises that the Holy Spirit will guide the people, but at no point do they lose their ability to choose whose encouragement they will follow. When needing encouragement, the author urges readers not to give up hope or become discouraged and lie in a spirit of defeat or despair. Find out who the real encourager is in every person’s life in Hamm’s enlightening read.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Hamm is a motivational speaker, teacher and leader in sharing words of encouragement. The author, who is also a former soldier in the U.S. Army, serves as the Women’s Auxiliary Christian Education Director to the Northern District Baptist Association. Hamm has shared tips on how to encourage others at many seminars, conferences, prayer breakfasts and workshops.

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