Cambridge author’s hardback novel depicts adolescence issues, succeeding in human race

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — This week marks the nationwide hardback release of author Douglas Worth’s lesson-filled juvenile book, “Deerfoot’s Race.”

In “Deerfoot’s Race,” life is tough for 13-year-old Evan Green. A Hulk-like, growth-and-bulk spurt has transformed his former best friend, Jay, into an eighth-grade superjock, while Green is still short and skinny. And Jay now has the affections of drop-dead gorgeous Debbie who, along with Dawn, was one of the inseparable Fearsome Foursome of elementary school days.

The only way Green believes he can gain respect — and maybe even Debbie’s heart — is to beat Jay in the mile event of an all-city track meet in June. While training in secret for the race, in the woods behind his house, Green finds an ancient Indian amulet in which he can sense powerful energies. He also meets Grandfather, an elderly Native American, who has returned to the woods to live in the old ways of his people.


From Grandfather and the amulet, and the unexpected flowering of his relationship with Dawn, as well as a social studies course he is taking, entitled Waging Peace — at the height of the nuclear arms race and Cold War between America and Russia — Green learns many things about the interconnected balance of all creatures on Earth, and that winning is not always the best way to succeed in a more important race — the human one!

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Worth’s poetry has been published in numerous periodicals and anthologies, such as The Nation and The New York Times. His seven volumes have drawn praise from many sources, and he has been profiled in Who’s Who in America and Contemporary Authors. Worth is also based in Massachusetts.

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