Sanbornville author releases hardback editions of riveting books about family, love in its many forms

SANBORNVILLE, N.H. — Author Caroline Alden announces the nationwide hardback releases of her books, “The Unspoken Story” and “Blended: A Novel About Family.”

In “The Unspoken Story,” Danny is unable to speak a word. The unfortunate victim of a disability that doctors seem unable to diagnose. Danny has always had trouble communicating with the people around him. As a frustrated toddler who sometimes experiences violent outbursts, it sometimes seems impossible that Danny will be able to interact with his peers. But through patience, love, and a little bit of faith, Danny and his mother will learn how to overcome life’s trials and discover a bond that needs no words. In this novel, the author explores the reaches of a mother’s devotion to her son and shows the world that love really can speak louder than words.

In “Blended,” through twists, turns, and the occasional bump in the road, Sarah, a young girl with unwavering passion for life and unconditional love for her not-so-typical family, maneuvers the lanes of her life with grace and warmth. Join the Benson family — a dysfunctional, fun, Blended family — and smile with Sarah as she faces the everyday ups and downs of becoming an adult. Join the author and her unconventional cast of characters and discover what it means to be Blended.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the books are available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Alden currently resides in New Hampshire with her husband, Shannon, along with their two daughters, Samantha and Hannah.

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