Tate author’s first ever fantasy novel takes the spotlight in the Austin Daily Herald

Tate author Kayla Sturm is honored to share her first novel, “Heartless,” and the coming sequel of the book she’s currently working on in a featured article in the Austin Daily Herald.

“Heartless” is a story about Leah, a girl who is set to find out a cure for her sister’s darkness whose heart was ripped and disappeared into the dawn lit-woods. Leah would go to the ends of the earth to find out – that is, if she could avoid the wrath of Queen Aaralyn long enough to get there. Along the way, she learns about herself and the secrets of her family in this tale of self-discovery and unexpected friendships.

“The idea just hit me one day,” shares Sturm. “I sat down with the idea I was playing with and started writing the first few pages. I sat on it, and then went back to looking over it.”

Sturm is thrilled of her soon-to-be-announced sequel of the book she’s working on. “I think I have  a long road ahead of me,” shares Sturm. “I’m 26 and I have plenty of years to put in the work. I just have to continue to grind.”


Read the full story here.

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