Self-help book’s Spanish edition helps kids identify, address domestic abuse

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS, Minn. — Author Jody Cowdin announces the nationwide release of “Guia de Niños Para Entender el Abuso Domestico,” the Spanish edition of her enlightening book, “A Kid’s Guide to Understanding Domestic Abuse.”

In “Guia de Niños Para Entender el Abuso Domestico,” Cowdin points out that children and teens have typically been given very little information to help answer questions about domestic abuse and often believe that they are at fault for the conflict and fighting between the adults in their home. Along with the burden of self-blame, they believe they must keep the secret of what really goes on at home as a way of protecting everyone involved. Knowledge empowers and counters the helplessness kids who are exposed to abuse in the home often feel.

The interactive format of “Guia de Niños Para Entender el Abuso Domestico” will encourage kids to reflect on the information as it applies to their individual circumstances. It also leads them to the realization that they can take control of their own lives and determine how they want to live, thus giving hope that they can break the generational cycle of domestic violence.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Cowdin, who began her career as an elementary teacher in both regular and special education, became a registered play therapist and an associate professor at Bethel University. Along with professional training, her personal experience as a domestic abuse victim and then single mother of three children prepared Cowdin for her current position as the executive director of The Dwelling Place Shelter in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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