EIN Presswire takes the spotlight to Tate author’s kid’s storybook

Tate author Sara Elizabeth Stone shares the wonderful story behind her thoughtful children’s book, “Colors,” in a featured article on the EIN Presswire.

“My Mom spent a lot of time in the garden and showed me as a little girl, how inside the smallest of bugs – so tiny you can hardly see it – there is a teeny heart, stomach, brain, eyes, etc.,” shares Stone. “That resulted in my life-long love of the ‘little miracles’ in God’s creation that are often overlooked. I began making a list of them; in hopes that someday I’d be able to show others perhaps in a book.”

“Colors” is Stone’s first book in a series about God’s loving hand revealed in the beauty of this world. Each book in the series captures a different aspect of God’s fingerprint on his creation, with this first book highlighting God’s use of color.

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