Inspirational rock band on the rise brings unique, powerful hits in new record

CHESIRE, Conn. – This week, independent record label Tate Music Group is excited to announce the official release of The Blameless Project’s new album titled “Arise.”

Released by Tate Music Group, the album contains 10 tracks and is readily available for purchase nationwide at the iTunes Store,, or directly from

Founded by Scot Thompson, The Blameless Project lives to the ideals of being authentic in style and songwriting as well as bringing the message of Jesus and the Gospel for encouragement and inspiration. Bringing together six musicians that are passionate about these ideals, the band is out to share high energy rock music while sharing messages of faith to audiences of all ages.

The album “Arise” brings out the high energy rock sound that listeners would definitely be drawn to. Giving a unique and powerful mix to their music, this collection shares their message of faith, hope and encouragement. Along with tracks like “Arise,” “Blameless,” “Soon and Very Soon” and more, audiences of all ages get an incomparable experience with their inspiring sound.

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