Make way for new and exciting releases for the week!

Tate Music Group ends the week with new dynamic releases fit for every music lover. With a selection of genres, every music enthusiast will definitely find something they would definitely enjoy. Here are the releases for the week:


The Blameless Project


The Blameless Project lives to the ideals of being authentic in style and songwriting as well as bringing the message of Jesus and the Gospel for encouragement and inspiration. This band is out to share high energy rock music while sharing messages of faith to audiences of all ages. “Arise” brings out message of faith, hope and encouragement. Giving a unique and powerful mix to their music, this album is set to delight the masses.


Steve Ryan

Smooth Melodies

Throughout his career, Steve Ryan released multiple albums and books. This multi-talented singer, songwriter, actor and author knows how to connect to people through music. A perfect addition to one’s music collection, “Smooth Melodies” touches the heart and the soul. This collection leaves listeners in awe with sure fire hits that would touch the heart and soul.


Last Don aka Stallion

Suits and Roses

Last Don aka Stallion shares a great passion in music with his mother. He began writing songs of his own at the age of 16 and through time, he is bravely trying out new lyrical styles to expand his musical horizons. “Suits and Roses” describes love, romance through lyrics that portray its beauty in vivid detail. This album also brings a unique sound that appeal to audiences of many ages.


Cody Dell

Loved the Hell Right Out of Me

Cody Dell has been a fan of country music his whole life. This singer/songwriter from Texas began his professional musical journey in 2012. From the release of his debut record, he continued to soar. With passion and emotion, “Loved the Hell Right Out of Me” will surely delight audiences of all ages. This single definitely gives light to this country crooner’s one-of-a-kind vocals.


Chris Singer

Sons of Love

Throughout his career, Chris Singer enjoys sharing his original music and testimony in the Midwest. This singer/songwriter gets inspiration from for touching the heart and soul of many people. His debut album titled “Sons of Love” brings a dynamic collection of original music for all. This record is truly inspiring with a combination of graceful melodies and encouraging lyrics.


Henry Mwikhoma

Angels Cry

A pastor, worship leader and musician, Henry Mwikhoma creates melodies that speak about faith and encouragement. Throughout his journey, he released several albums that have become a vital part of his life’s mission. His new album titled “Angels Cry,” packs songs that bring out the warmth and peace that audiences will surely enjoy. This record leaves wisdom and knowledge that God is with everyone.


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