McKinney author suggests fun future occupations for kids in new storybook

MCKINNEY, Texas — This week marks the nationwide release of author Lisa Gatewood’s empowering new children’s book, “I’m Going to Bee What I Want to Bee.” The book’s hardback edition will be up for grabs early November.

Have you ever imagined becoming an artist, a musician or an athlete? What about a pilot, a teacher, an astronaut or a singer? What do you want to be when you grow up? Children will have fun answering these questions in “I’m Going to Bee What I Want to Bee!” It’s time to dream big, then dream bigger, then dream your wildest, craziest, all-time most favorite dream ever!

In this fun kids’ read, go on a journey with Little Bee as she explores what life has to offer and all the opportunities that await her. She will meet fascinating characters from a variety of careers, but in the end, she relies on her Christian faith to see her through.

“I’m Going to Bee What I Want to Bee” is a creative way for youngsters to begin fantasizing about their future and to find comfort in their own beliefs without giving in to peer pressure or to what’s “popular.”

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the books are available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

As an eighth-grade teacher, Gatewood’s desire is to encourage her students to trust that anything is possible with hard work and an education. She is also a big proponent of empowering her female students to be strong-minded and to have confidence in their ability regardless of the circumstances surrounding them. She has a soft place in her heart for any teenager who has lost her inspiration. Gatewood’s personal experiences in her 20s and her determination to find that youthful spirit again are the motivation behind this book. She currently resides in McKinney, Texas.

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