Late Stafford author shared personal experiences, introspections in poignant new poetry collection

STAFFORD, Va. — This week marks the nationwide release of “One Pen, One Thought, One Poem,” a new poetry book by the late author Brian K. Jones.

One Pen, One Thought, One Poem” is about topics that interest Jones emotionally, physically and mentally; they are captured in the three main chapters introspect, love and consciousness. He has labeled his poetry as “joems,” which stands for Jones’ Openly Expressed Memoirs, because he is opening up to his readers by expressing what he views through his eyes, so he documents it through his pen.

This book gives the readers some of Jones’ life’s challenges in the first chapter with joems like “A Son’s Perspective,” “Death’s Life” and “Mama’s Boy.” The second chapter provides the readers with the different sides of love and how each reader may view it differently with joems like “I Choose U,” “Fight 4 Love” and “When I Look At U.” Jones’ final chapter is to awaken society on how life is not equal or fair and how justice is sometimes blind. Those are reflected in his joems like “Awakened,” “Black Barrel” and “U Don’t Understand.”

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Jones served in the Marines, retired after 20 years and made his family very proud. He was a proud grandfather of a little fellow, who was his life’s treat. The author, who had a bachelor’s degree, worked as a government civilian. Jones was cofounder of a golf club called BEG, who eventually began writing and turned that writing into poetry. He was also a movie buff, who enjoyed good music like jazz, Gospel and real R&B soul. His faith was in the hands of God, who has always been in control over his life. Jones was based in Stafford, Virginia.

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