Athens author’s new Christian children’s book instills humility, contentment

ATHENS, Ohio — Author Keith Kittle imparts Christian values to young readers through his new children’s book, “Paw Prints and Nail Prints,” which is up for nationwide release this week.

Join Kittle in this allegory, “Paw Prints and Nail Prints,” where he tells of how Brutus was rescued from a meaningless life with Old Master Baal and of his incredible journey through life with his new master. Along the way, he leads Fefe away from her life of pride and self-absorption. Meet Old Buck, a self-made, independent cow dog as he realizes that the empty life he leads can find purpose, contentment and fulfillment in Master Jeshua.

“Paw Prints and Nail Prints” is an allegory that serves as a great teaching tool for Christian parents and grandparents searching for opportunities to instill Christian virtues in their children with a multitude of teaching moments throughout.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Kittle resides with his wife of 30 years, Katherine, in the hills of southeastern Ohio.  He is the father of two daughters, Hannah and Liana, who they adopted from China and are the inspiration for this book, along with the family dog, Blawesome. Kittle’s profession is landscape architecture; his career is teaching. His hobbies are traveling, hiking and being outdoors. His love is his family, and his passion is knowing Jesus Christ — our creator, redeemer and coming king.

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