Maple Ridge author shares poignant story about faith in new Christian novel

MAPLE RIDGE, British Columbia — Author Melanie Kilsby announces the nationwide release of her new book, “Facing the Grey: Reality Series No. 2.” Its hardback edition is set to be released next month.

In “Facing the Grey,” Zoe’s past is back to haunt her, and she’s not sure she is ready to face it. Life isn’t always black-and-white — even as a Christian.

So what happens when there is baggage from the past or when life’s raw realities come catapulting in? Will Zoe give in to the darkness that wants her back? Will she lose her faith when she feels God, her friends and her family are gone as she is put into foster care? Will she face the gray of her life doing God’s will, standing up to her fears and forgiving the person responsible for them?

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the books are available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Kilsby is the wife of an amazing man of God and is a busy mother of five. She’s a two-blog contributor and freelance writer. Kilsby currently resides in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, where she dreams of stories still to be written, nestles under forest trees and often finds bears on her porch, wanting to say hello.

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